Monday, 19 September 2011

LFW - Topshop!

Ok so LFW has only just begun and there are countless of beautiful outfits to choose from , but mainly because I'm very good at complaining, I'm going to start with a bit of a gripe - namely, Topshop Unique.

Doubtless there are loads of people who thought the collection was amazing but am I the only one who was distinctly underwhelmed? I know that collections are meant to have a coherent theme throughout but I personally thought it was a bit (dare I say it?) uninspired. The inspiration was amongst other things Liz Taylor as Cleopatra and they could have gone crazy with intricate beading and drapery but instead went for endless black and gold, and the same jerky abstract print. To be honest, the main piece that I have beef with is this :

I'm sorry, but gold shorts are always and forever going to by synonymous in my mind with these two:

The Cheeky Girls : known for crimes against fashion and music
HOWEVER it isn't all doom and gloom - I loved the intricate detailing on this sheer jump suit, and the playful horizontal stripe / hieroglyphic inspired prints - also that Liz Taylor jumper! I wanted to say something cool and deep about it but all I can come up with is I WANT.

 What are your thoughts?

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Nekkid Models

I was walking through Oxford Street recently and saw that they were re-doing a window display in one of the shops. All the models had been jumbled together and they looked just like a work of art.

I just thought there was something eerie and beautiful about this odd mannequin graveyard, with the reflection of the doorway creating those patterned lines on the glass. I think it's the mixture of the human but obviously artificial characteristics which is disconcerting - it kind of works as a metaphor for beauty doesn't it? It's artificial, disposable, an illusion but oddly arresting. Yeah I think too much ok :P.
I especially like how the second one looks really reflective, staring out of the window as if she's dreaming of better things, like ending up being draped in haute couture in Harrods.

I'm sure the security guard thought I was a bit of a nutcase clicking away at the unfinished window display!

All photos taken on my ipod.