Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Summer where ARE you? England has been living up to it's repuation recently with pretty much constant rain. I guess I should be grateful because for most of you the last month or so has just been like GAH EXAMS. Before I head off  abroad in search of a bit of sun (and probably a whole lot of sunburn, unintentionally) I thought I'd share this outfit:

Here are some of the details and the shoes I put with it - apologies for my crappy camera skills, honestly I don't know how you guys get such great shots!

Shirt- Primark, Skirt-Vintage, Belt- Ribbon off a present

Brogues- Primark, kitten heels FTW!
This is a handmade knitted hairclip I thought I'd lost but was really happy to rediscover, I bought it at a market.

What with the checked shirt I was kind of feeling the cowgirl vibes. Now I just need to find a rodeo - and a cowboy that looks like this:

How's summer going for you guys?

Friday, 17 June 2011


I recently watched the film Kaboom – I would try and explain the plot but it basically makes about as much sense as an LSD trip. Ninjas running around in animal masks, lesbian witches with rejection issues, mysterious messages, an underground cult – it’s basically like “Charmed” (remember that show?) on acid.

Although I ended up not really liking the film in the end (yeah I know from the above it sounds awesome, and it kinda is, but only in a it’s so bad it’s good kinda way) what I really loved was one of the lead character Stella’s outfits.  

Stripes hell yeah
Because it isn't a very well known film there aren't that many images around but I loved all her clothes, they were bold but well thought out (I'm a big fan of colour coordination! Geek.) 

Here's another example of Stella (played by Haley Bennett) in a pretty nifty green flapper dress:

This one isn't from the film but I'm totally in love with her make-up and that sheepskin coat. If it's real it must've cost a bomb so I'm pretty sure I won't be able to get my mitts on anything quite so lovely in the near future.  

Here's what she wore to the Cannes Film Festival - nice that she decided not to go with the whole floaty dress staple and chose this great romantic pussy-bow blouse and jeans. Simple but chic no?

So yeah, I have a little bit of a girl crush on Haley Bennett.

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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Red Light

New shoes no blues right? (I’m not sure if that’s an actual saying. I may or may not have just made that up as an excuse to buy new shoes *shifty eyes*). Anyway here are the little orange beauties:

I bought them from Topshop and they were surprisingly cheap at under £20. I loved the wedge heel which kind of reminded me of these delicious Prada creepers:

I was thinking they were going to be super comfy. I WAS WRONG. Whoever designed the back strap was clearly a sadist as the damn things are like cheese wire! I'm clearly just going to have to buy a load of plasters and hope my skin toughens up because I love them. Here's the outfit I put them with: 

Top - New Look, Trousers - New Look, Belt - Primark

This necklace is Egyptian and is from the little gold mine that is my Grandma, she bought it in Cairo in the 50s. The beads are amber but it’s kind of a deeper orange than normal amber – it reminds me of marmalade (things always seem to go back to food in my mind.)

 Here’s the song I had in mind when I was thinking about this outfit – I have no idea why since it’s more 60s than 80s – I was going off on a bit of a red / orange theme.  Love this lady:

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Thursday, 2 June 2011

You're from Landan!

So yesterday I went to London's Camden Market. Back when I was a whippersnapper (okay so I'm not exactly old now but, yeah, when I was younger-er...) this place was a HUGE goth/punk Mecca and there's still a lot of that around, but in recent years these stalls seemed to have declined slightly (are goths an endangered species?) in favour of vintage.

Bit hard to see but : Shoes - Office, Jeans - Topshop, Shirt - Grandma , Top - Primark

Close up of the velvet shirt, I love it, makes me feel like a mole. Apple necklace from accesorize. 
I loved this 50s style dress and kitsch light-bulb mirror:

My room has similar amounts of clutter but looks way less cool. 
And the Covered Market is packed full of fantastic little trinkets/ knick knacks in a way that make it seem like an eccentric Aunt's mansion:

Creepy toy pig is creepy. 
I wandered round for ages and saw so many cool clothes/shoes I wanted to buy but bought nothing, deciding instead to spend my monies on FOOD.

I loved the art on the side of the van I bought a crepe from. I freaking love Nutella.

Okay so it looks like I'm drinking piss and/or dirty river water but this is in fact a delicious Vietnamese drink made with pomegranate juice, mint and ice. It's served in small plastic bag like they do in Vietnam. Earned me a few odd looks - I think people thought I was consuming a very neglected fairground goldfish.

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