Thursday, 8 September 2011

Nekkid Models

I was walking through Oxford Street recently and saw that they were re-doing a window display in one of the shops. All the models had been jumbled together and they looked just like a work of art.

I just thought there was something eerie and beautiful about this odd mannequin graveyard, with the reflection of the doorway creating those patterned lines on the glass. I think it's the mixture of the human but obviously artificial characteristics which is disconcerting - it kind of works as a metaphor for beauty doesn't it? It's artificial, disposable, an illusion but oddly arresting. Yeah I think too much ok :P.
I especially like how the second one looks really reflective, staring out of the window as if she's dreaming of better things, like ending up being draped in haute couture in Harrods.

I'm sure the security guard thought I was a bit of a nutcase clicking away at the unfinished window display!

All photos taken on my ipod.


  1. My friend collects these and has a scary one in her house!
    Anyone is welcome to the meet as long as they're let Emma Harold know so she can put you on the guest list (her links are on my post). Late attendees may not recieve a goody bag, though, but it should be a great way to mingle with fellow bloggers and have a good night out! cupcake, meals and cocktails! x

  2. You could defs make some creepy yet cool photos with those!! Very cool!

  3. This is so so beautiful, especially your description which just makes it even that much more beautiful! You are a brilliant writer.

  4. I agree if you walked past without knowing it was a window display change I'd of thought it was a pop up art show, really cool pics, the 4th one is quite trippy if you stare at it for too long lol xxx

  5. awesome post!

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    Alice x

  6. Wow, those are fabulous, I need to use them in a future moodboard post. They are so eerie and beautiful, wow.

  7. These are awesome! I like the second one as well. It almost looks as though she's about to reach for the person walking by. ;)

  8. I actually did stare at the last picture for a very long time, trying to figure out what exactly was behind and in front of the glass. Have to agree with you on the creepy beauty of it though; these are such interesting pictures, really makes you think.

  9. Great pictures, I love your blog,
    Do you want to follow each other ?

    Just let me know..



  10. AH. Totally agree. There's something about this that feels like an installation! Reminds me of an art project I did a few years ago. It involved popping off doll's body parts and painting them and, yeah, people were kind of creeped out... hahah.

  11. The photos came out awesome! well done you! x