Thursday, 21 April 2011

Like Totally 80s

Ah the 80s. I could go on for much longer than is strictly necessary about how much I love this decade- my iTunes is pretty much a shrine to the era. I wasn’t there at the time which of course means I can imagine that every day was like a cross between “The Breakfast Club” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” set to a soundtrack of The Smiths and Madonna.  I’m sure the reality was much closer to ozone-crippling hairspray levels and criminal amounts of spandex  - but who needs reality right?

Anyway.  I have clearly found a kindred spirit in which inspired me to unearth my inner Cindi Lauper (I didn’t have to dig very deep).

Here are the results: 

Leggings- Primark, Shoe boots- New Look, Belt- was my mum's

I tried to back-comb my hair and even got the hairspray out but it seems I lack the necessary 80s skillz. Still I tried. I went for the classic leggings and (genuine 80s, might I add) belt teamed with obligatory red lipstick and chunky jewellery. The lipstick is a bit hard to spot - I don't have a tripod and had to balance my camera on the window sill - so here are the details a bit clearer: 

Choker- Not sure where it's from, found it in a drawer. The chain I took off an old T-shirt

Not sure what the print is meant to be. Snakeskin? Eyes?

Anyway I'm meant to be reading Bleak House, (all 980 pages of it) so I'll save my favourite reasons for loving the 80s for another day. In the meantime here's some classic 80s music (and outfits!) which makes my attempt at 80s hair look very pitiful. Clearly I need to find some polka-dot ribbon. 


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  2. Rawwrr! I lovee those leggings. You totally captured the 80's rebel girl look! Oh and those necklaces are super cool!

  3. Thank you for the comment, dear! Even if I'm not really into 80's, your outfit is really cool! I think thata the print on the leggings is a snake print!

  4. @Hivenn I tried to comment on your website but couldn't? I love your jewellery :) very creative, I wish I could buy it all!

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