Monday, 16 May 2011

Human Behaviour

Way before Lady Gaga went out looking like a kinky bondage shop exploded on her there was another Queen of Weird who, in my opinion, did it a lot better. Her name is Bjork and music would never be the same again.

Bursting onto the scene in the early 1990s Bjork's music is experimental and eclectic and this is reflected in her devil-may-care approach to fashion.

Bjork is an artist who is constantly thinking outside of the box - her outfits are always vibrant and creative and are almost an extension of her music. They have a whimsical quality and a childish playfulness (check out that pompom hat!) and I love how it's obvious from interviews she's just out to have fun and express herself without taking it all too seriously.

I mean who else would go to the Oscars in a swan dress with eggs hidden up her skirt that she placed around the red carpet? It's like something from a (very wacky) fairytale.

I think it's safe to say that without Bjork there would be no Lady Gaga - maybe its unfair to compare them as Gaga is an excellent pop singer whereas I think Bjork is an excellent musician with a better artistic vision.

Watevs yay Bjork - here are some songs for ya :


  1. I used to listen to It's Oh So Quiet with my sister on repeat when we were little and we came up with a routine - we were so cool ;)

    Rosie x

  2. i love bjork! such a great post

  3. nice inspo post. Bjork is hilarious/awesome but mostly awesome. Karen O also has a really quirky style that influenced gaga. Perfect for pre 21st artists. niiice gurl

  4. Love Bjork, so great to see these images of her!

  5. I have several friends who are obsessed with Bjork, but for some reason I'm not yet one of them. Maybe this'll be the year I finally get really into her. I already adore her style and music! So wacccckkkky! and realizing how wacky she and other eccentrics are makes me realize how unoriginal and annoying Lady Gaga is. Urrgh.

    Thanks for all of your nice comment :)

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  6. I love this post! She is definitely one of the best dressed musicians out there :D adore the music videos too!

  7. I love Bjork, thanks for this post :)

  8. You're right, Bjork did do the whole "weird" artist bit a lot better! xoxo Marissa

  9. I love Bjork. I don't think you can compare them because they are apples and oranges. Bjork is just - something else entirely. Her voice - her - she is just otherworldly.
    I love the Matryoschka background! They are my favourite! I collect the dolls :)

  10. Björk is amazing - I love this post!

  11. Hello there, I loved Bjork in that film,'Dancer in the Dark' such a moving film!What a great photo of her in the coloured-balls hat.

    ps Thanks for visiting and your kind comments.

  12. "She's just out to have fun and express herself without taking it all too seriously" - yes! That's what I love as well. I can never get into an artist/entertainer when everything they do (in the name of art) is super serious and/or dark. Bjork is truly an original. :)