Thursday, 2 June 2011

You're from Landan!

So yesterday I went to London's Camden Market. Back when I was a whippersnapper (okay so I'm not exactly old now but, yeah, when I was younger-er...) this place was a HUGE goth/punk Mecca and there's still a lot of that around, but in recent years these stalls seemed to have declined slightly (are goths an endangered species?) in favour of vintage.

Bit hard to see but : Shoes - Office, Jeans - Topshop, Shirt - Grandma , Top - Primark

Close up of the velvet shirt, I love it, makes me feel like a mole. Apple necklace from accesorize. 
I loved this 50s style dress and kitsch light-bulb mirror:

My room has similar amounts of clutter but looks way less cool. 
And the Covered Market is packed full of fantastic little trinkets/ knick knacks in a way that make it seem like an eccentric Aunt's mansion:

Creepy toy pig is creepy. 
I wandered round for ages and saw so many cool clothes/shoes I wanted to buy but bought nothing, deciding instead to spend my monies on FOOD.

I loved the art on the side of the van I bought a crepe from. I freaking love Nutella.

Okay so it looks like I'm drinking piss and/or dirty river water but this is in fact a delicious Vietnamese drink made with pomegranate juice, mint and ice. It's served in small plastic bag like they do in Vietnam. Earned me a few odd looks - I think people thought I was consuming a very neglected fairground goldfish.

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  1. Awww the markets look awesome, I would dearly wish to shop there as well. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. Loving the photos!
    Ahahaha at the last photo, that drink sounds nice though :)

  3. Wow. That place seems amazing! I love the variety of everything. That 50s dress is too adorable! And that's funny that people gave ypu weird looks. It sounds like a cool drink though!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  4. Adore the photos! Seems like a beautiful place to visit. Thanks for checking out my blog. :) Following you. xx

  5. That looks fun! Thanks for your lovely comment. I especially like your green apple necklace!

  6. Cheers for your comment. Camden is 'specially nice in the sunshine

  7. You've got a real talent for writing! The Vietnamese drink part made me laugh. ;) And the apple necklace is awesome.

  8. Hahaha - the drink in a bag made me laugh. Nice. I love the 50's dress - beautiful!

  9. yeah camden aint what it used to be....but you can't beat some dodgy chinese food for £2 that may or may not give you a bit of food poisoning eh?!

  10. All the pictures are adorable!


  11. I think camden is becoming more like a turist place rather than a punk place like back in the 70's 80's with the sex pistols still nice to shop or have a drink there :)

  12. This sounds awesome! The nutella art is so cool.

  13. Hi when I go to London you and turd are taking me on a tour because I want your dirty piss/Vietnamese drink and kitschy 50's lolita dresses

  14. Whoa I love that nutella thing too :). I'm crazy about that spread. The drink sounds great too! I wish I had had a chance to go to Camden Market when I was in London... not enough time :(. Thanks for all of your comments! You're so sweet! And I forgot to mention that another reason I don't like the beach is because I sunburn really easily, haha, I'm with ya there!

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  15. Thank you muchly for all of your lovely comments (you're really too kind) and to my new followers :D (mission accomplished, you have made me smile a LOT)

    @ Victoria yeah Camden is definitely tourist-y but it's still got lots of charm and def a fun place to be

    @ Roma I'll take you on a tour fo sho! Our piss/ Vietnamese drinks and lolita dresses are pretty awesome if I do say so myself ;)

  16. Just stumbled on your bloG! It's wayyy cute. I desperately want to go to London. Everything seems so quaint and awesome - and this post definitely confirmed it! oooh la laaaa.

    Check out mine?

  17. That is a riot and yes it looks like piss. :)Kudos to you for not being phased by the look of it! Where would we be if someone hadn't decided to give oysters a crack?