Thursday, 9 June 2011

Red Light

New shoes no blues right? (I’m not sure if that’s an actual saying. I may or may not have just made that up as an excuse to buy new shoes *shifty eyes*). Anyway here are the little orange beauties:

I bought them from Topshop and they were surprisingly cheap at under £20. I loved the wedge heel which kind of reminded me of these delicious Prada creepers:

I was thinking they were going to be super comfy. I WAS WRONG. Whoever designed the back strap was clearly a sadist as the damn things are like cheese wire! I'm clearly just going to have to buy a load of plasters and hope my skin toughens up because I love them. Here's the outfit I put them with: 

Top - New Look, Trousers - New Look, Belt - Primark

This necklace is Egyptian and is from the little gold mine that is my Grandma, she bought it in Cairo in the 50s. The beads are amber but it’s kind of a deeper orange than normal amber – it reminds me of marmalade (things always seem to go back to food in my mind.)

 Here’s the song I had in mind when I was thinking about this outfit – I have no idea why since it’s more 60s than 80s – I was going off on a bit of a red / orange theme.  Love this lady:

Thank you so so much to all the new followers and comments I got on my last post - I'll be checking out your blogs ASAP!


  1. I love love love your top!!!

    Animal print clothes are the best, and those new orange wedges are darling. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. I love the creepers. I think I will buy a pair soon :) x

  3. Those are very sweet, shame they're painful! Suffer for beauty and all that, eh? x

  4. The color is gorgeous! It's too bad that they're painful. :( Thanks for dropping by my blog. xx

  5. They are sooo cute! And so many of my shoes are painful, but I love them to pieces! And I love your saying and totally agree with it. Haha. :) And LOVE how you paired those shoes with that outfit.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  6. Love the color! Cute!

  7. aw :( too bad they're not comfy! they're cute tho!

  8. Such a shame when I shoes ends up to be painful :(
    So sorry for you!

  9. AWESOME LOOKING SHOES! It is sad that they are not comfy....The outfit you are wearing is wonderful though!


  10. I immediately though of the Prada creepers when I saw your new shoes. What a great find!
    And yay Siouxsieeee! <3

  11. Ah i love creepers, i want a pair! The necklace is so pretty too :D
    Hurray for Siouxsie!!!!

  12. RAWWRR!!!!! I love your creepers, I was actually pondering whether to get some or not earlier this morning. Nevertheless, your egyptian vibez necklace is super fly and so is your miu miu style shirt

  13. So pretty. I'm in need of a pair of creepers! x hivenn

  14. thanks for your support on my hankies... i should have them up on my etsy soon.

    and i love those pradas!

  15. hahah I LOVE LOVE LOVE that saying. Seriously. If it's not a saying, it definitely SHOULD be one. I would start Copyrightin' it, if I were you!

    Awesome shoes. I have a pair of creepers. You're right - the heels = THE BEST. Easy to walk in, but you still look tall ;)

  16. New shoes, no blues? That's freakin' amazing. I'm gonna start using that. :) They are super cute, and I adore your top as well.


  17. Haha - "the damn things are like cheese wire" - that made me laugh. ;) You've got great taste. The print on your shirt and orange shade of shoes are both simultaneously adorable and perfect for summer.

  18. first of all thank you for stopping by my blog! cute blog btw! really! :) i am your newest follower!!
    gia ta papoutsia! ne polles fores nomizoume oti einai comfy alla telika vgainoun poly avola distixos! ta exo dei kai ego auta ta coral sto topshop!
    maresei poly o tropos pou grafeis sto blog sou! iparxei mia xioumoristiki nota pou tin vrisko diaskedastiki! xx

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