Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Au Revoir Summer / Un-make that damn bed!

Yeah so to all you guys basking in sunshine and heat who might be wondering WHY am I not frolicking around in hotpants with a sunhat, that's England for ya.

Shirt - Uniqlo, Shorts - Deisel, Purple tights - from a friend, Shoes - Topshop

I wore this outfit to go for coffee with some friends (yes I do actually venture out into that weird place known as the outside world on occasion) and got caught in a rain shower on the way back. Trust me, these shoes collect more water than they keep out.

I've been thinking a lot recently about the nature of the phrase "you've made your bed, so you've got to lie in it". For a long time I thought that seeing things through to the end was the most important thing about life - and whether I hated it wasn't really part of the equation. I'm not saying it's good to head for the hills every time things start to get a bit rough, but I also think that when you're forcing yourself to do something for the wrong reasons - because you're scared of what others may think if you don't, because your parents expect it, because "quitting is for failures"- will harm you more than you realise sometimes.

Fine, if you make your bed, and you wanted to make it, maybe you should lie in it. But if someone else made you make it, or you never even wanted to make it in the first place, un-make that mofo!

It's no use living someone elses dream guyz.

Don't know if any of that makes sense - perhaps I'll ellaborate more some other time.


  1. I really loved reading this! It does make sense :) lovely post as always x

  2. Nice post. Also, I love the purple tights - very fun. :)

  3. Cute shirt! And yesss, completely get where you're coming from,

    Rosie x

  4. Oh it makes perfect sense! Loving your blog and the name of the blog btw and hey! I think your hair looks gorgeous! :D

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Following back :D

  5. Awesome outfit! Also love the post! I kind of get what you mean lol.


  6. You're so right! We can only ever be truly satisfied when we make our own choices. :) Love the shirt! And how you combined the shirt and shoes. :)

  7. It cracks me up that you have to wear tights still because I do too! It's ridiculous since the rest of the US is melting with the heat, haha. Anyway, purple tights? Incredible. I love 'em. Thanks for visiting my blog. (:

  8. Thanks for the comment , I really love the name of your blog btw


  9. love your outfit. your tights are awesome!

    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, love yours, so i'm a new follower :)

    feel free to follow me too if you like;

    Alice x

  10. Wow I really love your purple tights! and your shoes are adorable! cool look :) And yes I belive you have to live your life how you want to no how others want to. Does that make sense? lol

  11. Your tights are so cool! I really need more colorful tights in my wardrobe. Thanks for the comment. xx

  12. It made sense to me...kinda! Maybe got lost towards the mofos lol.

    I do love the shoes. Impractible? Perhaps. Gorgeous? Yes!

  13. cool! love it <3
    anyway thankyou for commenting sweety ;)

  14. I love the little bows on your shoesy woosys!!

  15. Yeahhh. I'm such a sucker for coloured tights so BOO YEAH.

    And ahah. I've never heard that phrase before? I'm totally out of the cool lingo? but I like what you're saying. A lot of people tend to live for others -- family, parents, friends, society... It's sad. There's a safety in pleasing or conforming to the crowds. But I think the danger of following one's heart is what makes life exciting and worthwhile!

  16. i love your comfy looking plaid shirt, with the tights!
    and i get what you mean too, i'm trying to learn better how to do this!