Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ker-azy Face!

I'm one of those people who always ends up blinking/ sneezing / looking the wrong way in photographs. Alternatively after a few drinks I tend to get it into my head that I am *the* posing queen, with mixed results:

Isn't that just the sex?
So normally I try and just keep still in my photos which makes them quite expressionless. To prove I'm not a robot I decided to experiment this week. Okay so I came out looking mildly psychotic but here's my outfit (with added ker-azy face).

Trousers- New Look, Necklace - 1950s vintage courtesy of my Grandma, Belt - charity shop

I really love this charity shop belt , it's leather and can be worn as a waist or hip belt. Yay versatility.

I am so addicted to these recently:

Wasabi peas! They may look like little green balls of snot but they're delicious, I promise.

What's your favourite photo pose / snack?

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  1. Belts are my favourite thing to thrift!

    My go-to photo face is like a weird fishface. Because I'm really unphotogenic and I figure if I make a stupid face then at least I look absurd on my own terms?

  2. WASABI PEAS FOR THE WIN! I am so happy to be home and have the ability to read your blog again. That necklace is fantastic as i said before grandmas=goldmines for old clothing/jewelry

  3. Love your outfit especially the belt, and I get what you mean about posing all my friends laugh at me because i always tilt my head to the side and smile aha xxx

  4. looking good chick. x

  5. Thanks for your comment - you have a great blog xx

  6. Your belt is AWESOME.
    Also, wasabi peas are absolutely the best. :)

  7. ew wasabi peas >.< haha
    cool necklace!

  8. the necklace is pretty cool! vintage stuff is always the best!

    anyway ive never heard of wasabi peas until now (they sounds gross, not going to lie) but am going to check them out now...

    And my photo pose is one of two: 1. spontaneous (most of the time this ends up with my mouth open, tongue out and limbs in odd positions) OR 2. carefully thought out pose where my head is turned side on to the more attractive side, hair is placed carefully and one leg is placed in front of the other to make myself seem slimmer. smile without teeth. hand on lower hip.

    yeah, I normally end up doing the first one!

    annie | WEMAKEPLANS

  9. Nice post.

  10. Thanks for your comment, I used for the collages, it's pretty easy to get the hang of :)

    I'm awful at posing! I feel so awkward. But you look cute!


  11. Thanks for your lovely comment, I really appreciate it. Now, Wasabi peas are THE snack for a cinema visit, yum! I think you're probably doing better posing than I do, hence I'm not very often in my own posts...

    PS: I have a little giveaway starting tomorrow, stop by if you feel like it xo

  12. haha...I like the first photo with the crazy pose :D

    Even I have issues with posing for photos. In most photos I'll be the only one with my eyes closed like an idiot.'s annoying.

    Love the necklace and the outfit. Blue suits you :)

  13. mmm wasabi peas


  14. Love your belt!


  15. Nice looks!

  16. Haha! Sometimes funny photos work best, to lighten the mood. ;) I always end up lookin' to the left because my *serious face* is so not photogenic ...

    You look great in blue! I've never tried wasabi peas, but they sound freakin' amazing. :)

  17. Love your necklace! Tres chic!


  18. Absolutely love that belt! I've been on the hunt for one recently but no luck yet.

  19. I have this same issue too. I don't think I blink a lot, but flash or no flash, I'm always closed-eyed in my photos. Or in the middle of a smile. It's awful.

  20. Wasabi peas!! they are sooo good! love the necklace.x